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When your home needs top-quality electrical work
done right the first time, we answer the call.

Electrical Safety

Readily available home electricity is a benefit we all enjoy, usually with little worry. When properly up to code
and maintained, your electrical system is designed
to be as safe as possible.

To avoid electrical accidents, always consider the danger involved with electricity, and never attempt a repair yourself or allow anyone except a licensed electrician to work on your home’s electrical system.

For the professional, licensed electricians at Doctor Electric, the safety of you and your family is our top priority. That’s why we make getting trustworthy, high-quality electrical service as easy as picking up the phone. And it’s the reason we do our best to ease all of your concerns before, during, and after our visit.

If you are a new customer or a member of our Home Protection Plan, you even receive a complimentary 25-point safety inspection with your scheduled service.

Do I Need An Electrical Permit?

In Rochester and Monroe County, specific types of electrical work require a permit:

  • Replacing, repairing, or altering electrical service, including the service panel, service meter, riser cable, or disconnect
  • Adding new interior & exterior wiring
  • Extending an existing circuit, or adding more fixtures and outlets
We will take care of all permit paperwork for you, plus schedule a local inspector to
come out and approve the work, usually the same day.

When you need help from an electrician in Rochester, call Doctor Electric
for an unmatched level of personal service.


Inspection & Peace of Mind Check-Up

When you hire an electrician,
it’s important to gain peace of
mind not only that your current
electrical issues have been taken
care of, but also that no other
problems will arise in the near

That’s the idea behind the free 25-point safety inspection we give
to every new customer, and members who sign up for our
Home Protection Plan.

As part of your service call, we take the time to assess the
condition of your home’s primary electrical components:

We follow an organized checklist to give your system a clean bill of health, or to document existing and potential issues to address.
Our detailed review will:

With the information we gather, you can feel safe in knowing that experienced experts at Doctor Electric have performed a thorough evaluation of your current and future electrical needs.

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TIPS for Your Home

We understand the disruption that electrical work can
cause for your home and family. While you can’t protect
against every issue that affects electricity, there are steps
you can take to make service calls a rare occurrence.

  1. Schedule an annual inspection of
    your electrical service and breaker box. Water infiltration is the #1 killer of electrical components.
  2. Make sure outdoor electrical items
    are tightly sealed and secured.
  3. Protect exposed and visible wiring
    (such as in unfinished basements and
    garages) from physical damage.
  4. Never pull or yank cords from the
    wall outlet.
  5. Limit the use of extension cords—they are for temporary use only.
  6. Use electric space heaters sparingly. Never leave them unattended.
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